11/17 [11:52pm]
經過兩個星期的’流浪’後, 總於到家了…  回家的感覺真好! 也許是時候記下所看見的人和事吧…

12/16 [12:57pm]
Wow, 差不多一個月 不知覺的沒來這裡記事了, 就連 IE 的網站紀錄也好像沒有xanga 的足跡. 

流浪之後的 感恩節, 然後另一個流浪旅程, 然後 出差旅程, 然後 幾天連下去的 ‘戶外’訓練 … 好像自己離開了辦公室也有一陣子…    然後, 躲避不過的人事調動….  很多發生了但來不及(其實是’懶’) 記下的事, 唉…  well, lunch time is over again, back to work… 


IMG_0124  IMG_0093

IMG_0134 IMG_0104

IMG_0174 IMG_0183

IMG_0138 IMG_0143

IMG_0161 IMG_0168  

IMG_0190 IMG_0200

IMG_0210 IMG_0187

IMG_0189 IMG_0201

12/20 [6:21pm]
這個冬天(不)太冷, 太懶, 太愣, 太藍, 偷走了秋天的微溫, 偷走了時間; 將 親情/友情/感情 稍微凍結了些,  也讓 感恩的一點一滴 毫不痕跡的溜走了… 

還是先別想太多, 還是回到 滿桌都是 工程圖的崗位上盡力吧…
Meanwhile, 放下這首 微有感觸的歌 — 許廷鏗-螞蟻, 大概是曲調吧

12/21 [5:24pm]
It feels good to be “wanted”…  many thanks to the explanations from the supervisor I currently work with.  At least I know why I am not “assigned” to the spot where the majority thought I would be there.  Even I may not be happy with where I am assigned to, whichever the way to go, I believe God will guide me though, not by my will but yours~  Alrighty, noted, back to another emergency work now I’m involved…


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