9/30 [1:52pm]

BUSY — is the word that we use most of the time.  Ask ourself, how often do we say “I’m not busy”?  Probably not too often, right, you know it! This put into thoughts to sink in (or let others know) our schedule is packed, not much to “hea” or relaxed, being productive; and just putting ourself a hardworking position that we feel proud, or others can look up to you.  The good thing is:  we seem to do a lot of things to live up to standards, above and beyond; yet, the sad part is: we may not know what’s more important and do things in our preferred priorities in mind: work, school, family, friends, and play, of course.  It’s so easy to fall into the traps, myself included, that we do not know, therefore we do not have time to discover and live for the REAL purpose God has planned for each of us.  In other words, how are we spending our days, for your own goals, or get to know God’s plan for you?  (If you like, read Psalms 90:12 and put some thoughts or “counting the days”)

求你指教我們怎樣數算自己的日子,好叫我們得著智慧的心 — <詩篇90:12 >
Just want to share some reflections I have, and I hope you would feel being encouraged rathen than getting offended (that is NOT my intention at all, if any).  Remember fellowship with brothers and sisters (not just socializing) is equally important to the other aspects of our life, including study, work, or anything you would *need* to spend time on it.  Please consider more of this, and we will be praying for you.  Note that we are all BUSY, and I’m not taking this extended lunch period for fill up my schedule.  Work and other priorities are increasingly in demand of my time and it’s not getting loose much.  I believe you maybe at a similiar situation too, but let’s not forget about who God is in your life.

Ai, looks like I’m being LATE for everything…  better continue to catch up w/ work, NOW~

10/6 [12:41pm]
人說, 下雨天總掛念從前… 這大慨也是 流行曲的影響吧..  我卻覺得, 感謝雨水一點一滴的落下, 就如 神的恩典從不間斷的一樣, 也可以說是 壞天氣也是祝福的一種.. 

就是我喜歡看雨景的其一原因… 還有 雨後陽光的天氣也是我的最愛; 如昨天下午下班時的和暖光線, 令忙了一整天urgent deadlines 的我重新感受到 生命的希望, 也不忘記感謝 神, 能看見絕未必然…

哈, 好像還有 這閒情談說天氣?!…  lunch time is almost over again, back to my other urgent deadlines….

10/7 [12:57pm]
沒有合適不合適, 只有珍惜不珍惜… 這大慨不是全對, 可能個人的自以為是總是想著 自己有否被關心, 有沒有被珍惜, 但真的懂得 珍惜 的真義嗎?  不珍惜就是不合適, 不試著聽 祂說的話, 與 神與人的關係怎樣維持呢?

林俊傑 – 她說

–聽著就淡出 這莫名其妙的失落, 也許… 沒有聽話的人是我~
Please do not take my patience for granted; Even a nice person does have temper…

10/10 [10:59pm]
Joke of the night:
話說 Tin tin 帶了一些朋友來聚會, 我也是慣性晚了點回家.  飽餐一頓後 (謝謝媽媽的辛勞)很輕鬆的梳洗, 照平時的”不收篇幅”的, 穿上有點舊的睡’袍’, 好像也沒有剃鬍子…  這是在家嘛, 辛勞了一天也是期盼這兩小時的自由.  好, 準備上樓的時候, 朋友們正下來… 有一女生, 該說是她的眼光獨到, 還是很有’童真’, ‘嗨’了一聲(其實我是跟 Tin tin say hi 的), 還來不及讓 介紹便說, 這是Tin tin 的爸爸吧?  O咀, 我呆了一下, 苦笑了一下, Tin tin 便陳明 我是 他的哥.  換來一連串的 對不起, 我也沒所謂也沒很細聽.  真的, 我看起來這樣’老’嗎? 可能是 Tin tin 的樣子太年輕呢, 其實說真的 那女生看來也像不少的吧..  哈哈, 歲月不留人, 我看 我是又上了一課吧.   

10/11 [5:58pm]
EVERYONE has a hidden agenda that just can hardly be changed, and that is based on one’s own value system and priorities.   Without much considerations of others, work seems to reach the highest priority at all times, while other priorties fades and eventually out of the picture.  Is this the busy/aggressive standard for today’s world? 


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