8/2 [2:01am]
這是認識的開始, 一步一步的往前走, 看看下一集的劇情該是如何, 也求 我主我 神時刻 作我 “腳前的燈, 路上的光”…   承諾– 是不變的, 信實的, 可依賴的, 這就是 神所給予我的恩典, 我能與他人 分享這個承諾嗎?

還是把問題在每天的經歷中隨行隨想…  因為現在: 早已過了 該睡的時候了, good night, Zzzzz……..

8/10 [12:28pm]
An exciting week has passed with many things happened, but no time to drop any notes, sigh…  More coffee, less sleep hours seem to be the trend~

Here comes an occupied week to keep myself from getting bored:

Boss [Tues. 5:30pm]:  Calvin, can you pick an interesting project to present to the group at our tomorrow’s meeting?

Me [staring, innocently]:  Umm, I have been occupied with an urgent job… Can I do it at the next meeting instead?

Boss [calmly]: don’t worry, it’s just like a 10-min presentation, not too difficult, just come up something, ask for help if you need some

Me …  (thinks: you should have told me earlier…  now it’s just a ‘perfect’ time to ask for help when most are out of office already)…

[10-min later I sent some brief description of the presenting project to boss]

3.5 sleep hours, 2+hours presentation prep, 3 hour group meeting, more design hours to finish up an urgent project, “required” attendance to ice cream social, a few more hours to pack things at home after work…  I have set another record, what a day~

More to come for the week:  Worship hymn practice, Small group lead, Worship lead, Special Event worhip lead.  A productive week that you have to do all things at once, or a stressful week?

“Bitter water” is spitted, now back to work~

8/19 [11:58am]
The enjoyful Thursday night with cool weather, relaxing dinner, “interesting” movie (FD5), warm siu yeah, and not to mention endless sharing too~  It all stores up to the good part of my memory !   Man…  I should have taken some night-scene photos. 

Oh well, lunch time now, back to work, and then enjoy a good Friday night with a good brother..  It seems I’m having too much fun recently

8/23 [1:13am]
In the middle of the night, I am:

tired …  after a long day with work, traffic, packing, and presentation prep.
frustrated … when things are not in the way I expect
stressed … when ppl put more stress on me to reduce his/her stress
angered … when I have no way to release my stress (not on others) yet still have deal with concurrent things
sleepy … with so many “deficit” rest hours throughout the past few weeks

Sounds so negative (comparing to the other entries)?  Maybe I’m just not in a good mood, in hope for a better tomorrow.  Good night… after these few minutes of final prep…

8/25 [12:57pm]
tired, tired, TIRED…. you can tell how tired (and lazy) I am by not typing Chinese for the last few entries…  Yes, tomorrow is always better, at least that’s what I am hoping… It’s not like I don’t have enough time, but more for a smart and wise time management~  back to my detailing work, just a few more hours before the end of the day, hang in there….  Zzzz, no, not yet..

8/29 [12:00pm]
A typical Monday with a slight tiredness, but this week there is something to look forward to other than work (all of a sudden workload is piling up again, must be being inefficient…)  Tends to sleep in late again?  Not good, I know, (and you know too), so it’s time to make-up the lost sleep hours, okay?  Oh of course not the time at work~  Self note:  must … sleep… early…


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