Chinese New Year

[1:55am]  Getting tired yet with a heart full of peace and joy.  Today was another long day at school (8am to 6pm), and my mind was troubled again by schoolwork left un-done with frustration.  Stress was slightly relieved when we started bible study at Michael’s place, which was prepared by one of our heartful brothers.  (Thanks Simon!)  Great discussions within the group, yet I noticed my lack of bible knowledge and there’s something I need to be more equipped.  Dinner was our favorite hot pot, and we sure have shared with each other laughters and more about ourselves during the great meal and group games afterward.  A surprisingly-fun dinner gathering at Chinese New Year sure have wiped out my gloomy mood, yet the burdens of schoolwork still exist.  May God lead all of us through this tough quarter with wisdom, strength, and a focus mind, for my schoolwork pressure increases gradually and I get lost so easily…

It’s time to sleep for a better day of work tomorrow!  And hey, this time I only spent about 20min. for this entry!  (Now you know how slow I can input Chinese in compares to typing entries in English), sigh! 


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