4:30pm…  all done with the 2-day PE exam…  will have more sharings with you later on (it takes time to organize my thoughts since I cannot think much now)

8:30pm… back home with a half-full box of reference books + full-box of …  groceries… from 順發 at San Gabriel…  I don’t usually do that far for grocery shopping… but well, I went to Pomona for the exam, and SG is in the middle of my return route, and there’s no reason for me NOT to stop by and do my Chinese grocery shopping..  Ended up spending more than an hour in the supermarket, I had my fun…

10:30pm … time for dinner (too lazy to cook, and exhausted from putting shelving booksand organize my fridge with lots of food…



Some misc. sketches during my MCYA mission trip (at Mt. Hope) back in August:

img001                 img002
Living room of the home I stayed in                           Living room looking toward dining area
Richmond. Thanks Lai for your hospitality!                The same place I stayed in Richmond

img003              img004
Exterior wall side of the cafeteria at the camp               A corner (near amphitheater) where the
site(left unfinished due to short wait time)                     dirt path  leads to the wilderness (nowhere?)

A little close-up of a branch of leaves with tree trunk background
(note the branch is not on the trunk)

Another view of the sloped grassland with soft wind blowing

A dedicated English translater outside of chapel during message
given by our Thailand youth counselor speaking in Mien.  I was
one in the crowd listening to the translator and sketched at the
same time.

Partial view of the side garden with path going in between (left unfinished)


2 thoughts on “DONE!

  1. I know I know…  You have so many “fans”, one less me should not be a big deal…  anyhow, I have subscribed you and we are friends now…  And yes, I do know the footprint tracking is so powerful…  I use that to recognize some visitors too, hehe…

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