12:20am…   Sitting in front of my computer, checking email, facebook, xanga, and listening to some soft music in my ground floor studio apartment right on the street (no kidding, the pedestrian sidewalk is next to my door), and getting ready to sleep soon…  Sounds like a quite relaxing night, doesn’t it? 

… I would love to enjoy the night(s) without stress and worries, but I am frustrated and have 0% work efficiency (which is a total excuse for me not to keep on working my homework I’m currently stuck at)  Thanks for those encouraging words from friends around, and I will “add oil” and be my best …  I guess school + work life is sort of like that (only with less time to express frustration), except that I don’t work but have to worry about work-related exam.  I would put all these earthly things into God’s hands (with my best effort, of course), for He is in control!

Now it’s the time for me to enjoy the silence of the night  (ie: sleep…)


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