Yes, I know it’s like 1:30am in the morning, and in fact “today” is the first day of school, yet I just cannot go to sleep until now (just give me 15 min. to type up this blog).  So what have I been doing?  It’s a long day, but I was just going orientations and orientations, and then dinner.  When I was home, it’s about 9:30pm, and then I started to panic myself since I’m totally not prepared (or you can say I already have procastinated myself).  Course notes for tmw, read and downloaded;  course registration, still need to get one clear off those stupid online prequisite blocks;  my loan has still not arrived yet, and register office is warning me to pay my dues before the end of week;  textbook purchases were once thought to be online, but bookstore got better prices and so I have to rush to get my text before they’re sold out;  misc. expense checks, going through various credit card bills online and whoa, it’s way too much than I have expected to spent this month, at least it drives me crazy every time I look at the bills.  It’s just like my bank saving just drains too quick, and it keeps accelerating!  Bills cost a few hundreds adds on another couple hundreds (repeated twice or three times), plus I just have bought a decent car through one of my good friends in LA (thanks Rina), and not to mention the rent debts from my apt. in Davis (recently recovered) so you can imagine how tight my wallet is/was for $0 income life…  sigh!  See, I almost forgot about my PE exam in Oct. and definitely I am so behind in doing “intensive” reviews.  Pressure from school, exam, and personal finance is rising, and such pressure is not easily taken off from my anxious mind (yes, I know I’m an anxious person).   But, on the other hand, I maybe the one who is 庸人自擾…   anyhow, time to sleep, and I exceed my set time.  There’re more updates later on.  Brothers and sisters, please pray for me when you get a chance, for I definitely need God to guide me to go through this “challenging” school year with strength and wisdom.  Yes, it’s almost 2am and I shall go to sleep, NOW!   Hopefully I can get up early enough for my 10am class tmw…


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