Time really flies, and now it’s almost mid-August already.  Quite a few changes have been happening, and thank God that most of them are good… 

Started off from my birthday week (7/20 ~ 7/26), I have been experiencing love and grace from God and friends around.  Accounting the warm blessings and thoughtfulness, I take all into my heart.  The coming Sunday (7/27) worship lead was “exciting” with all unexpected things to happen, but it’s all good and definitely a memorable experience.  Next was the Monday (7/28) job interview I had with KPFF (the company I was interviewed in SF almost three years ago), and surprisingly I was doing well and received job offer the next day.  I praised God for that was not my own ability but God’s will to let that happen.  Helping out the moving for Andy/Ailsa’s family with a few others, I gained inner peace and joy though ended up with slight tireness. (and muscles too?  haha!)  The LA trip visiting family friends (7/31 ~ 8/2) I had with my dad was kind of in a rush with tiredness (decided on Monday), but I had interesting sharings and discussions with my dad, Uncle Chau, Auntie Chau, and Connie (in LA), which I always look forward every half year.  But I ended up taking rest (not sleeping) from Sunday morning till the night time (intermittently, of course). 

This week (8/3 ~ 8/9) was my first week at work and review sessions for my engineer exam.  I could tell you I was so not used to drive long hours to work and so unfamiliar with CSUS campus area.  Monday night was the first session and I ended up half hour late by finding a parking space.  When the session ended, I was totally lost and spent about 45 min walking a big loop to find my car back.  By the time I got home, it’s 11pm already but thanks to mom delicious cooking that I could skip the cooking process.  The rest of the week went smooth, and I enjoyed my work a lot   Oh yes, not to mention that I now have a cute cat, MayMay, waiting for me coming back from work every day.   it’s definitely a blessing to help taking care of this cute cat for Sunny. Yes, I am back to the “good old busy life” that I was having.  Yet, I feel like I have been lost of touch with my dear Davis friends for a long while.  Hopefully I’m able to see some of them tonight and have fun…

Reflecting on my current life, it’s abundant, dynamic, exciting, challenging, yet it’s a transitional stage that I have to step forward and continue to grow.  Coming up there are some important decisions I have to make, and I am learning to be a mature eldest son to take on my family’s needs and eventually financial responsibility (Thomas K., you know what I mean) with the balance of following God’s will and enjoying life with friendship and love (still awaits, hehe…) 


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