12:10pm in the office…  surprisingly, I am alone (oops, just saw a designer walking by, I guess I’m not alone then) since (almost) everyone is out for lunch (you know how Friday is…).. and what am I doing here?  Nothing much, simply just enjoying my own lunch… and…  last minute preparation for some good stuffs for tonight!  Ya, and I’d better get my last minute prep. for tomorrow’s “official” dodgeball game too… (I was “drafted in” three days ago…  , we’ll see how well I can play as I have no training, no experience in playing such fast-paced sports.


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  1. @oomanilaoo – ya, there’s quite something going on this week…  overall, I have had an interesting week (with every night going for something)…  man, should have put more time into study, sigh…

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