6:30pm at the office, and I am all by myself (again)… but anyhow, since my boss has left already (we were supposed to send my sketches to the client by the end of day, but…), so I should finish up my sketches and “get out of here”!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I’m soooo looking forward to this coming 4-day weekend!  Especially I’m glad that I can find quite some “long time buddies” in Hong Kong (primary and secondary classmates/schoolmates) through facebook.  (by the way, facebook is really addictive once you have opened an account…  I couldn’t remember how much time I’m put into this little “friend-searching” site…)

Yeah, it’s definitely exciting to see and pick up some memories of my good old days in HK…  Love to see how’s everyone doing and meet up with my long time friends someday…  (I wasn’t allowed to use the term “old” for describing friends that I haven’t seen for a long time)  Yup, it’s time for me to head back home (in Davis), pick up my cell phone (that was unintentional) and start my journey back home in SF.  Looking forward to see some of your over the weekend!



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  1. haha, u are right, it is addictive for me when i use the site.wow, the thanksgiving holidays, right?it’s good to hear that u can go back home and be relax with your family~~

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