It’s getting late, but I still want to do some updates:

Recent work schedule wasn’t too bad, it’s just my poor time management (like staying in office after work for “high-speed internet access”) since my apartment didn’t have internet access until Tuesday…  anyhow, work is going to get exciting, as I’m feeling to be more like an engineer handling multiple projects at one time.  Somehow I feel like my PM starts to put more trust onto me…

10/4 update:  Stuffs get piling on my work desk and it’s going to take some time to clear them all, so I guess I couldn’t complain any more…

Spent quite a long time to setup the internet service yesterday, and thank God that we finally got it!  It seems not to be an absolute need for me, but life is just tough without it since I’m used to have internet.  Just thought of – 某弟兄的感觸 —  戒不掉那上網的習慣

So glad to have recent contacts with some of my good old high school friends.  Man, how I miss you guys!!!  I’m looking forward to meet up with each one of you when we get a chance.  It just brings me back so much good old memories of my high school life… 

And I am so looking forward to a high school reunion (maybe I’m a 懷舊 person)

10/12 update:
Feel so good about being able to help others.  Yet, I’m tired and my preset schedule are screwed (due to many misc. low-priority things happening before the important thing – study)  ai…

Sorry for my recent “disappearance”… I will try to get more updates from now on, try not to be lazy…

Happy Birthday, Mommy!  May you like my little gift (on the way) and enjoy this special day of yours…

I really really need to go to sleep soon, it’s getting so late (12:55am), so unexpected, but my heart is filled with peace and joy … Thank you, God for your daily guidance!  I need it as always!


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