Welcome night on Friday was fun, exciting, and fantastic…  too bad that I couldn’t stay for too long since I had to go back SF right after the event.  Thank God and my BASICs’ prayers for leading me a safe return…

And yes, Happy (belated) Birthday to Martin!

Yes, what did I do over the weekend so far?  oh, nothing much, it’s just some family gathering and mostly house clean-ups / rearragements (after interior remodeling was finished)   Being the “architect” of the house, I have made some decisions of moving furnitures around so that the place would look fresh (imagine the room stayed in the same setting for 10+ years, it’s time for a change)  and so I (we) did…  Well, my intention and idea were good, but heavy consequences were also expected…   Dust flew around invisibly and affect seriously to our breathing systems within minutes.  Trust me, this is NOT the first time we experience this, but for every time when we try to move (or even do clean-ups), it’s just making us to be uncomfortable with running noses and itchy eyes.  Afterall, my SF home is just too compact and unhealthy to be lived in…   I know I know, but I still like my SF home where we as a family staying at one place.  We’ll see if situation would be improved after everything is rearranged per my “master plan”, haha…

Cleaning/Rearrangement “project” in progress…  will be continued next week!


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