Some spiritual inspirations from my daily life:

Something strange happened last night…  To be more exact, it’s nothing more than a common incident for most of us.   Well, it started like this:  Yesterday was just another typical work day for me.  Leaving office at 7:30pm (I’m not the last one this time), I thought of buying some groceries for the remainder of this week (hehe, four more meals to go), but I ended up buying a huge pack of Cross-country beef (maybe not the same as Alfred’s), which is enough for my “one-week meat consumption”. 

Anyway, I went back home, turned on my computer and let time flied by so easily.  When I finally realized the time for dinner, I quickly turned to kitchen and cook some beef “remotely” while I was still sitting right in front of my beloved widescreen LCD.  Impressively, the cook timing was longer, and of course, the beef were cooked in a perfectly “well done”.  Still, I was looking forward for a nice long dinner along with the second part of the Kenshin movie.  I quickly moved my dish (yes, one dish) and drinks to my dinner table and prepared to enjoy myself through the night. 

After prayer, I did get too excited and accidentally dropped one of my chopsticks on the carpet floor.  Umm, I was thinking whether I should make a quick rinse of the chopsticks.  Without much of a hesitation, I started eating with the unwashed chopsticks and began my short night entertainment.  Time flew, and I did enjoy over the dinner until I felt uncomfortable — stomachache (which I haven’t experienced for quite a long while).  Immediately I thought of the uncleaned chopsticks to be the lead cause, but at the same time I started thinking of some other possible reasons that should “take the blame” instead:  dish went cold, or combo of orange juice with seasoned beef/veggie, or even some flies came by and “polluted” my delicious food, etc…  I was fooling myself of avoiding the truth — it was my negligence of the uncleanness that led to my “undeserved” suffering…

Okay, I guess you may get what I’m trying to say…  By tolerating one stain (even one tiny spot) in our spiritural lives, we are putting obstacles into our Christian lives, which may end up bringing some easy falls and painful experiences.  Often we would try to find ourselves some reasons (or practically, so-called excuses) for “logical explainations” of what went wrong…  However, maybe it’s simply because we have allowed some “insignificant” things or habits or which “fall short in God’s glory” to remain into our lives.  And being worse, we are unaware of the hidden negative impacts and act like normal.  Yet, I understand no man (or women) are perfect in this world, and it is not possible to clear out all our stains.  But at least we are alert of our black spots (even the tiny ones) and ask God for help on removal of  those “uncleaned things”. 

So the above is my recent spiritual reflection.  Getting more excited and involved into church and fellowship, I feel a strong urge to live in a consistent healthy Christian life but this is no easy thing to do.  For I know the recent fluctuations of my spiritual life is from one of the black spots I have been ignored for some time, and now it’s time to remove it — with my small faith and reliance on God’s power (for He’s able, more than able…)


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