This Sunday’s message is about our undivisible attention (focus) onto God, especially when we suffer.  It is our free will to do whatever we do in our lives, yet everything is under God’s plan.  I totally agree with Pastor Gee when he mentioned “we often grumble for one thing that goes wrong, and forgot (and neglect) the other nine things that went well and smooth.”  Count the blessings rather than grumbling for small matters, for God provides much more than we think if we trust and obey Him…

So I have finally watched Pirates of the Caribbeans 3 with Wai and Andrew, good times…  But I have to admit, if you know nothing about the previous series, you may get confused on the first few minutes, but eventually you can pick up the story as it goes.  Overall, a nice plotted movie with humors and excitement (consider a 2hr30min movie without boring scenes), I recommend this!  Oh, for seeing something extra at the end, please stay after the long lists of ending credits being scrolled out, you’ll find it surprising!

Thanks Tin Tin for the recommended short films “Just a Nice Guy” by Wong Fu Productions…  Quite interesting, entertaining, yet insightful for me, as I think I’m like the main character of the story, more or less, haha…  It is hard to change the in-born characteristics, though it may seem necessary for pursuing what’s more important than others!  “Don’t think too much,” I often told myself, or “wait till when the timing is right,” “don’t put any emotional burdens on anyone”, are such passive thoughts.  Yet, that’s how a nice guy thinks.  Well, something gotta be changed.

I especially like one concluding phrase from Kristen, “saying what you feel doesn’t make you to be a nice guy or bad guy…”  There is something for me to ponder about on this week…


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