Today, I break my record:  start working from 8:45am, and leave office by 9:30pm…  what a day!  In fact, I was planning to have dinner w/ one of my ex-coworker, but unfortunately she called our dinner off when I first left the office.  Oh well, I know the project schedule are tight, so I went back to my workstation and resume my “fun” (aka work).  Umm… the leftover pizza tasted so good, but too bad I still have sore throat…  There were three of us staying late, and I am the last one to leave, how fortunate!  Oh, I ams so tried, getting ready to sleep any time soon!

On the other hand, thank you so much, Alfred, for taking up the lead on this coming Friday fellowship (it was supposed to be my turn, but I have already scheduled out my “visit” to SF for the weekend without realizing my important task ahead, ai)…  Man, how I should thank him?   Million thanks, I mean it!

Tin Tin:  How was your final today?  I did pray for you, hope you did well!

Po Chun:  add oil, it’s the last night of your study(I thought, for now I know there are more coming), just give your best shot for tomorrow’s midterm!


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