Yay, Friday!!!  The busy week of work is almost over…  but this struggling weekend begins with confused time schedule…  

As my dad is going to “fly away” for next few days, now I’m still thinking whether I should drive back to SF on Sat. night, for accompanying my mom (to be more exact, giving convenient rides for mom) on Sunday…  I know my mom would appreciate this a lot in reducing her “stress and/or struggles” on “trip” to Cumberland in Chinatown….. Hmm, for being a good son, I should go back…  But on the other hand, I’ve gone back to the Bay Area for last couple weekends (which is unusual) and actually missed the nice fellowship time with my good bros. and sis. in Davis..  In addition, Samuel (my friend from Seattle) is coming and planning to stay at my place for Fri. and Sat…  I am quite confused about what to do, sigh… 


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