Today at work:  Resuming my leftover work of another OSHPD project (quite a headache), which unexpectedly had to be submitted by the end of today.  Man, what a rush for my designer and me!  It just took so much time and effort to get a little detail to be revised!  From a designer’s perspective, changing the scales of details could be quite time consuming, and I realized this today when I was looking over my designer’s shoulder.  (On the other hand, changing the connection designs (and revising calcs, which I did) is quite time consuming for engineers like me)…  Doing the red marks and revising my calcs at the same time, I sure had made my day to be busy enough.  At last, we went over the very last sheet of details and literally I was pointing at the screen and asked for changes one at a time.  Oh well, who knows?  It was me delivering the plans and calcs to the architects by 5pm, what a day  (ha, that’s one of the few “days” that I left office with sunlight)!  Btw, I have received a total of 25 email messages  received my email inbox (at work) today, definitely it’s a record!  Believe it or not, I actually enjoy this kind of work life, which makes me feel “efficient” and “productive” at work (with a little stress)!   

Then I took off early (like 6:30pm) and went to the b-day party, which we had great food, “entertainments”, and fun!!!  And happy birthday to Newman (today, hopefully not too late) and Cassandra (in the coming weekend)!  Wishing them to have a sucessful year at school, and continue being blessed and be the blessings to others.

Our GRE study group will be finally started next month (which is one week away)  Alright, let’s get back to our “college study mood” , and we’ll see how God leads our studies… (I still have no clues)

Chatted w/ a sister for awhile and I could sense her great peace and joy inside her heart, as she devotes herself into God’s hands and experiences so much blessings from God.  I feel great for her and I wish my “little” faith can be grown up like hers someday…   On the other hand, umm, still thinking about whether I should go to the Christian music concert @ San Leandro, on this coming saturday (2/3), 7pm.  As being occupied in Sac. area for the whole day, I am uncertain if I have enough strength to drive down and be on time….  Hey, actually, is anyone (esp. DCCF ppl) interested in going there?  If so, please let me know!!!

Enough said for tonight, oh, getting late and losing my “logical” mind..  need some good quality sleep hours!   Have a good night!


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