Time really flied, and now I have used xanga for one complete year (I still remember I had typed in my very first entry on Nov. 1st of last year)… 

A sudden thought just came into my mind: 

A year ago, I was still in my Ferrini apt. (living in the living room) struggling on my last quarter at Cal Poly, worrying about my senior project (good old “natural” bamboo reinforcement, as some of you may know) and my upcoming interviews (and daydreams of my “perfect” future job), and getting up early everyday while the mornings were freezing cold…  At the same time, I was enjoying the good times spent with my brother (we weren’t living together anymore), my two Taiwanese housemates (Wen and Allen, I still remember you guys), and my fellowship and church friends.  All these flashbacks appear gradually as I think back more and more… 

At last, I graduated and left San Luis Obispo, the college town I’ve resided for more than five years. Then I moved down LA and enjoyed the work (good old Fluor CSA at Aliso Viejo and Long Beach), church/friend (MBCLA and CBMC), and family (I was taken care by family friend’s family, the Chau’s) life for more than six months. 

Now I’m living in another college town, Davis for two and a half months already, for I’m also enjoying my new work (re-joining MI family), church/friend (DCCC), and time spent with my parents and friends in SF.  For so many blessings have been counted, I can only praise God for all the good moments treasured in my memories.  Thank you (deep down in my heart) God, for your BEST plan in my life… 


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