Definitely will do some more updates, but for now…

10/26 (Fri.)  Left at work around 6:30pm, last one to leave the office, and that was my first time locking up the doors and setting securtiy alarm… good lessons learned:  Don’t be late to leave on Friday…

10/27 (Sat)  Complete family lunch at ABC (with Tin Tin, as the surprise person attended)  Birthday gathering of my great-grandma at night…. twenty some ppl reserved for two tables, it’s quite a party, and my dad surprisingly attended (He was suppposed to be at work), but oh well, we enjoyed it, and I could see great-grandma do enjoy the gathering…

10/28 (Sun.)  Extra hour of rest doesn’t do much for me…  I still sleep less than needed.  But great sermons at church…  I heard a total of ten sermons (nine testimonies from BASICs getting baptized and one “five-minute” summary from Pastor Lau…  These rejuvenate my heart and my spirits, revitalize my faith in Christ…  Praise God!
Especially praise God for Twiggy and Tony getting baptized…

Later on, lunch with Silky at Chinese restaurant…  good time, good times… always looking forward to hang out more

Dinner at home (SF) at night…   Family dishes is always the best, but felt so tired when I was back in Davis..  that’s so much to pack and unpack,

10/29 (Mon.)  Kind of expected, just not too efficient at work today due to tiredness…  but there’s always hope for better tomorrow  

!!! Better get to sleep tonight !!!

10/30 (Tues.)  Yes, I know it’s tomorrow…   it’s the Halloween Dress-up party and potluck lunch at my workplace…  Guess what, I will (to be exact, I was assigned to…) dress up as Peter Pan, haha…  one thing I found funny is that …  I will wear a big green hat tomorrow (that’s just a Chinese joke:  Guys wearing ‘green hats (from head to toe)’ is worse than anything I can imagine….)

oh well, I don’t even have gf, so that joke doesn’t apply, but I will remember tomorrow is my day to wear ‘green hat’, and I could only laugh at myself, lol 

WOW…  I’m amazed at myself….  typing English entries can be so much time-effiicient than my Chinese entries (15 min. or less for this English entry, comparing to half an hour or more for Chinese…)


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