Today  IS…  my mom’s BIRTHDAY!  Happy Birthday, Mom!  I sent her some surprises, probably not too surprised for my mom since she had her very first surprise back in Mother’s Day….  We were both busy today so we didn’t talk too long on the phone, but I could sense her happiness, and that’s all I wish for…

尋日,  我由一個小傷風”改掛”到感冒, 再改掛到頭痛, 跟住微燒
…  最終捱唔住,  大約五點提前收工, 唉, 都怪自己”太搏”??..  講笑姐, 其實係天氣轉涼自己冇 take care 好自己lor… 
領悟到一個道理:  「小病是福」, 如果有人知道同埋係身邊照顧的話, 否則”有苦自己知”既過渡方式完全談不上有乜野好…

尋晚輾轉反側甘從 5:30PM 訓左七個鐘, 冇食dinner (醒時已經 12:15AM, 仲煮?)  Take 左個 break 後再訓, 準時 7:00AM (total: ~13 sleeping hours) 起身, THANK GOD !  今朝已七八成好返, 可以正常返工…

其實我知今晚公司搞60周年晚會, 甘special, 唔返工都唔得la…   著得靚仔D又要稔下點同D clients 傾談 (有D大客真係唔得罪得…)  還好, 同D co-workers & 幾個 cosultants 都有傾有講, 幾好玩, D野食又勁正 (有日式師傅即場做既手捲, salmon-special-dish, cocktail shrimp, 生生蠔, Prime-Rib sandwich, 法式甜品, 仲有 bar stands)…  真係樂而忘返, 可惜聽日仲要返工…  似忘記左我仲病緊架..

話, 差唔多時候訓la, 搵日再加插我呢D工作生”捱”…

近照一張:  完左party 番到 Davis 屋企影既 (副眼鏡用黎加強 professional look 既, 影相時先用)


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  1. Oh yeah?  That is my “motivation” to get well ASAP, haha…  Thanks!
    Sorry for the “Image Not Found” error.  Such technical difficulty will be fixed by tonight (or tomorrow morning, depends how well I’ve been recovered)

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