Feel quite tired today.  No, I wasn’t working too hard, mostly it’s because I slept late last night, ai… better sleep early tonight, but we’ll see how my schedule will be changed…

Ai, I feel a little bit awkward when I left the office while two or three of my co-workers were still working hard (I’m sure one of them works like 9hrs. or more for the last few days).  Haha, I was teased that I was as accurate as a clock, “on-time leave at 5:30″…  Ai, I got no choice since I’m not sure if I can charge overtime just like them (at least some of them are in management level)…  Oh well, it’s just the beginning, we’ll see how it goes.

A little drop down of mood after hearing Tin Tin’s “somewhat sad” voice w/o knowing what’s going on…. hopefully he’ll be okay


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  1. My one thing to ask was “Cracking the GRE 2007 version” or the official ETS GRE Prep Guide published in 2003. bought the 2007 guide and have a relatively rough day.
    I am okay.

  2. I see, glad to hear that you were okay…  Take it easy, and I’ll see you in the Labor day weekend.  I’m sure we’ll have lots of fun, but please have a safe and smooth drive…

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