8/19  arrived at Davis @ 10:30pm, I felt so tired and “hot” – in terms of weather conditions, like around 80ºF room temp at night, crazy!  Anyhow, I still wanted to put up my desk (quite a lot of nut and bolt connection), finished at 1:30am and I finally got to sleep, woke up at early morning tomorrow for church service.  Great sermon, good reminder for my new step of life (more details later)

8/21  First day of work at MI, West Sac…  surprise, surprise!  Quite a warm-welcome feeling, eh?  Man, I feel like it’s the best first day of work!  Let the photos tell the story!


Surprise “Hawaiian” decorations from my mentor, Emily (calc. sheets and work load are not included, hehe)… Thanks, Em!


8/22  Second day of work…  time really flied, 8 hrs. of work went fast, and I wish I could stay longer in office [not only I’m a work-a-holic (am I ?  umm, probably not), but it’s so hot outside that I rather stay in office.]  Besides, I do enjoy working here, I like it…  so far

Heading out for Vanessa’s home-made dinner, gotta go!

Ai…  still can’t type Chinese because my XP is still not working (deep coma), wish I can fix this soon!  HELP, Tin Tin!


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