Hurray! July 4th

Last night, we really had lots of fun w/ the fireworks….  oh yeah, it’s so rare for me to get “touch” w/ fireworks, either in H.K. or S.F.  haha, I love it and that turned out great

Let the picts. tells the story of the night:

All picts. taken by our professional photographers…

Tiny scaled fireworks of the night

Small scaled fireworks of the night

Don’t belittle the tiny fireworks, they can be used to achieve great things…
Pict. shows the initials of my church, CBMC, and thr cross in the middle, successfully performed by my fellow Sisters-In-Christ after their diligent practices

Potentially large scaled fireworks

Fireworks are starting up, there’s a large group staying for pictures

See, we really like to get “close” w/ fireworks

Last round of the fireworks, the group is back again

Overall, we had lots of fun together for the night

Thanks Victor for bringing the camera to storing up our memories of the night


3 thoughts on “Hurray! July 4th

  1. WOW! You guys must have a lot of fun! I sort of saw your new look from the pictures! You look quiet a bit refreshing with the new hair cut. But I think you had it before, right? Remember on time you have a hair cut in Cal Poly and it looked very similar to the one you have now. Anyways, it is a good change! Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

  2. No no, haha, I was NOT taking out my “new” look this night… I just took a shower before I went out, and I had no time to manage the hairstyle…  so it’s still a mystery for you….ooooo

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