Second interview with MI… I was quite nervous (again? yes, coz the format was different and little bit unexpected) I don’t know if I have ruined my chance to get the job offer, but I can’t do anything to make any better.  All I can do is to wait for a phone call giving me good news…  Well, worse comes to worst, I’ll just staying in Fluor lor…  at least I like my upcoming working schedule in Long Beach (cycles of 4 working days and 3 days off)

5/27 ~ 5/29
Thanks to the invitation from Reina, I have joined Phillippians Fellowship Camp ’06 (@ Victory Ranch of Moreno Valley) and had a great weekend.  Though I was somewhat quiet and not being sociable sometimes, I got to know quite some people from my group.  And in overall, I had a great weekend, and I will rededicate my whole life into God’s hands.  Good stuff, and great time!

Definitely I will get some good pictures from my old camera… haha, coming up soon!



2 thoughts on “

  1. Hey Calvin,
    I’m so glad that you went to the camp and had some fun. I am more happy to see that God is working in you life that you decided to rededicate to Him. God is awsome and God is great! I’ll talk to you more later.

  2. Thank you , thank you… for your encouraging response… In fact, it’s the first time you leave comment at my site… Big surprise for me, keep it coming

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