Sorry for being lazy again, but hey, I had a somewhat nice weekend though, but it went too fast….   Some highlights of my week (with Friday off, yay!)

4/24  Yeah, it’s like that… the first day of work of the week, feel kind of dizzy without full work-efficiency.  (Nah, it’s probably because the lack of sleeping time, ai…)

4/25  WORST working day of these few months.  I felt so dumb, useless, and totally wasting time….  Got no one else to blame for but my own stupidity, may God lead me to get over this failure and pain (yes, it’s still painful in my heart)

4/26  Second-last day of work (for the week)… I was somewhat confused and didn’t get what my supervisor wanted, but I was in a much better mood than yesterday’s

4/27  Yay, last day of work (for the week)…  still have some miunderstanding of my supervisor’s intructions, but now it’s all clear.  I’m fully prepared…  to enjoy my weekend, except that I had a very important job interview on Friday @ 4pm, may God be with me… 

4/28  Interview with MI @ 4pm…  I was quite nervous (meaning I didn’t know what I should say or what I had said sometimes)… and by God’s grace, I was able to make it to the second interview (probably on the Memorial Day weekend)…  For those who are my good BASIC (Brothers and Sisters In Christ), please continue to pray for me, as I still don’t know whether God wants me to stay with Fluor or go for MI (see April 02 xanga entry for details)

4/28 (7pm) – 4/30 (7pm)  I started driving up to SLO (Cal Poly town) right after some grocery shopping for Tin Tin…  Arrived @ 10:45pm at CCF meeting time..  I was kind of dizzy and didn’t respond “too well” when ppl’s asking, “Aren’t you in LA right now?  Why are you here?”  Oh well, overall I had a relaxing weekend, spent some (only some, since Tin Tin wasn’t quite available) good quality time with my good bro. by disturbing his study, hehe….and one good friend of mine as well.  But I’m sure they enjoyed chatting with me (at least that’s the way I felt) So I stayed till sunday and went to my good old Chinese church in SLO, which brought up some surprised faces.  I was touched that ppl there still remember me, and I felt encouraged from the worship and the church’s warm greetings.  Definitely I will come up to visit again when I am availalble

And now, probably I need some good sleeping time too…  ai…  too bad that I left my “good” pillow at SLO…  Oh yeah, “I will be back (to SLO)”


On the other hand, after knowing some negative/sad news from friends, I had some reflections of myself:  “Don’t take good things as granted.  Treasure every good moment that I have, for life is unpredictable and unexpected”… Yup, I still miss the good old days at Cal Poly! 

The nice-looking Building 2 – Business and Education

The side view of campus (part of it)

The graudates of my major (ARCE) @ Dec’ 05

Me and my family and my good old buddies @ graduation


5 thoughts on “

  1. Thanks for visiting SLO~!
    Thanks for helping me to deliver books to friend!
    Nice meeting you, may God show your path about future.
    Btw, I am Justine, Justin+e

  2. JuneJam:  You are very welcome, Æ䌶¼‚Sí˜ÊÖ†¨,ßíñ‚¿Íšâ!   it’s nice to meet you in SLO too!
    misojourney:  Yes, I started working in LA since early Feb., and I’m thinking about staying here for a couple years at least… I know you’re living in Ventura, so probably I can come up and visit you someitmes.   Keep in touch!

  3. Thank you!  ÆäŒÎÒÊ®¶þÔ¼º½›®…˜I×ó, ¶ø¼ÒÖ»‚S”[DÅfÏàÉÏípostφ¨….  ¹þ¹þ, ¶¼Òѽ›×ö×óŽ×‚€Ô¹¤À², •régÕæ‚Sß^µÃºÃ¿ì….

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