CCF Retreat ’06 Picts (Volume II)


22.  Group game with people (yes, more than one) running around
23.  The cooking fire designed by some engineers
24.  The food group was preparing great dinner(s) for the rest of us


25.  The delicious tri-tip steaks were being barbequied
26.  Close-up of our dinner – tri-tip cut-up steaks (BBQ style)
27.  Random shot of wild flowers on ground


28.  “Natural-look” camp fire during day
29.  “Architectural Gothic-style” camp fire at evening
30.  The team was getting ready to entertain the crowd


31.  Our great dancers were getting excited
32.  The “Backstreet Boys” musical and vocal teams
33.  Theme of our retreat

That’s all, folks!  Enjoy! 


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