It is time for me to deal with this again…  Kind of frustrated about what I should do next??? 

Well, it’s like that:  Currently I am working for the structural dept. of a quite prestigious eng. firm. (which obviously it is from God’s grace)  The working environment is pretty close my ideal situation, BUT the project designs are mostly for industrial facilities (refineries, manufacturing plants, etc)  Indeed, I have learned quite a lot everyday with little interests of the subject.  However, I clearly know that residential/commercial bldg design IS always in my scope of interests (not that I am good at it, but I know that fits me more)   That makes me thought of another firm I have worked for during summer of last year.  It’s a fast-growing mid-size company but uncomparable to my current firm.  Their projects are the types that I want to work on, but definitely it would be less comfortable than my current situation. 

So here are my choices: 

Stay in a big firm for stability (in every way), or Leave for a smaller firm for my interests only?

This BIG decision (to me) will be made by GOD, for I know He is good and He will have the best plan for me!  Being submissive to God may not seem easy to do sometimes, especially when I thought my surroundings were in control of my hands…

¥»¶g¾Ç²ßªº¥½Ò:  Loosen up my grip of hands, for the “stuffs” I am holding onto is meaningless…  Let it go, for God have prepared a much better gift for me (and of course, everyone of us)

PS  §Ú»Ý­në§i¤O¶qªº¤ä«ù (I need your prayer support)
       Thanks a bunch in advance for your kindness!!!


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