Overall, last week went okay, but it could have been better ….  

The assigned work was not too heavy, which actually made me enjoyed working on the projects.  Hey hey, got a long weekend again (Friday off for every other week), and guess what?  I drove back home-home (SF) right after work.  That was such a long and rough drive, which I finally reached home by 2am (I left from my workplace @ 5:30pm)  Despite of the long drive, everything was great (had a great time w/ my parents and Tin Tin, great time at my auntie’s wedding “banquet”, but too bad I didn’t have time to meet up w/ my friends in SF)  I thank God for giving me such a wonderful weekend and safety in my long-hour driving (which I should not take for granted)

Today’s work was somewhat getting confused and slow (I thought I could finish the task today).  To my surprise, the training for new-hire was started right after lunch.(haha, even after a month I was hired)  Well, the lecture was pretty smooth, but when it comes to the exercises, man…  it took us (there were four of us) so… long trying to work on ONE problem…   will be continued tmw. morning  Anyhow, I had a little gloomy  mood throughout the day, not too good

Thanks to my mom’s delicious cooking, I had a good dinner tonight..  but good thing doesn’t last long, ai…  I’ll start cooking again tmw. night probably

So looking forward to my brother (Tin Tin) visiting me @ this coming Thurs…  We’ll see where we’ll go have some fun!



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