Á`©óµ¥¨ì¤µ¤é0ù – Å¥

­總於等到今日0羅 – 聽日放假
唉, 挨左兩個禮拜, 總於有得抖下0羅!  平時日摶夜摶 (esp. 塞車時段, 同埋五點起床最掙扎既時侯…)  好野, 今晚可以大0訓特0訓, 實行睡眠補鐘制…  yeah!

另一方面, 我可以去 Friday Christian Fellowship …  幾期待0家!  希望唔會遲到0拉!

撐唔住0拉, 要打英文…   I know my Chinese typing sucks, but hey, at least I’m trying…
Anyway… yup, just finish my second week of work…  I got into office @ 7:10am, got off at 5:30pm, haha, super working hard.  Drank so much coffee today just to keep myself awake.  Well, that’s good the coffee stand within our office courtyard give everyone free coffee  (I was informed from my boss)  So just went down and took a little break….
I had so much plan checking to do, which made me felt quite dizzy.  At the same time, I start looking at my watch – two more hrs to go (@2:45pm), and I made it … check up the plans w/ my mentor a little bit later, which took quite a while… at the very least, I think I was making a good impression to him (I hope…)

Ha, still have my last night’s dinner waiting to be micorwaved…  Thanks to Wayne inviting me to have dinner outside so that I don’t have to cook for myself tonight…  so relaxed tonight, which I like it…  

Ah, yeah, let see if I have some “photos of the week”…  findiing, searching, eureka –

oh yeah, that probably can only find in Japan… yummy sushi…

Well, this cute squirrel can only be found from Yosemite – sovenir shop, which is quite worthy $$$…


4 thoughts on “Á`©óµ¥¨ì¤µ¤é0ù – Å¥

  1. ­n¦hÁ¬J, ¦pªG­ø«Y…   §Ú·|¾j¦º³£­ø©w…  ¦]¬°§Ú¤µ±ß¹ê¦b….  ¤Ó¦Û¥Ñ ( and ¤ÓÃi) °Õ!!!  I love “freedom” so much!

  2. Nice profile picture. This is the College of Engineering building at SJSU (where most of my classes are now). See you someday.

  3. Hey, TK…  long time no see, man…  how’s it going?  Yup, you got it right…  the pict. was taken when I was in some grad. school workshop @ SJSU…  anyway, see you around someday.

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