Hello everyone!  Happy Valentine’s Day!    情人節快樂!

Ai, getting myself quite busy in these days.  Well, I only got 1~2 hours of free time each work day (excluding 9hrs. working, 1.5-2hrs. of driving each way, 6 hrs. sleeping, and couple hours for cooking and misc. things)  Man, what a life at work in LA…  so far it’s my second week at work, it’s going okay, not too stressful (in fact, it’s pretty much plan checking, which seems a little bit too relaxed for me)  but my poor time management makes my life tough.  I hope I can train myself to “gain” more time by the end of the month, we’ll see about how it goes…  haha…  now I have to go “enjoy” my dinner before it’s time to sleep… Alrighty, definitely will give YOU  more updates of my *new* life…

P.S.    oh yeah, YOU know who YOU are, ho ho ho


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