Endless Work over the Thanksgiving Break

Umm… it’s been a long while since my last entry.  As I’ve mentioned before, the so-called “non-stop craziness” was supposed to end on Tuesday, and it kind of ended… Sigh… who knows?  This thanksgiving week has brought me extra stress (and strain through Young’s modulus, some sort of structural mechanics stuffs….)  But I mean, that was the real stress that I’m having…  The following is some brief remarks of how I have spent the “break”

Wed (11/23)
Bright start of doing the concrete beam testing (for my senior project, or fyp)  Spent so much time in marking the cracks, man, it took like couple hours to do one beam test while I have five to go…   The point of the tests to break the beams apart and see how much load each can take.  Ha, I took a DV to record the testing process, which I’ve used two tapes already (I only have one left, we’ll see how I manage that).  Since the technican had to go in the afternoon, I could only do tests for the two critical beams..  and hopefully I could finish the rest of the beam tests by the next Monday morning…

Beam load testing in process

After lunch, I went back to the comp. lab to compile the hand-writtern data.  Got them into excel, but I was getting lost…  How should I analyze and present the data for writing my conclusions???  Ai…  Got the night off the project by “blank_blank”…  (haha, I forgot…)

Thurs (11/24)
Got up at 8am to start working on my project report…  Got stuck on the purpose and background parts for the whole morning…  shifted gear to work on the procedure part by adding in the picts…  kind of fun, but quite time-consuming…   Ai…   Also got off the project @ 3:45pm, and head out to get some gas for my car, it’s super-expensive: US$40.50… then I went straight to join the Thanksgiving dinner hosted by a generous church friend, Sam…  oh man…  the live calms were sooooo delicious, but the red wine tasted…. okay la…

Got an unexpected called from a friend from SF – Pearl…  They were coming over tonight instead of tomorrow, and that kind of scatched my “night-work” idea….  oh well, friends ah ma… so we headed out to Denny’s for their late dinner @ 10pm…  I got a cup of capaccinno (hey, Christy, here’s my little “cheer-up” thing, hehe), and it’s super sweet…  Had so much fun with South Park and chatting that I went to bed at around 2:45am…

Fri. (11/25)
Got up at 8:30am, continue to work on my project report, suddenly had some insights of how to organize my data….  didn’t work too well, but better than before.  So I continued to work on the materials and procedure portions… shifted gear again to work on my ARCE hw… man, it’s tough…  got one problem done by the entire afternoon…

Well, no exceptions… got my night off of schoolwork by asking Connie and Ed. to come for dinner… I’ve prepared some good-looking dishes…(remember:  good-looking doesn’t relate to good-tasted)  I kind of had fun till 10pm…  went to sleep @ midnight, and got an international call from my housemate from Taiwan….  Glad to hear that he was doing fine other than some personal affairs…  Praise the Lord!

Got up @ 8:30am… same old same old…   analyzed the data and writing the project report at home…  finish the leftover at lunch, then went back to school with my first Korean CD….  sounded quite fresh, and not bad for a korean-illiterate like me… yup shifted gear to work on my hw…  AutoCAD drafting, Reading summary report, and 2nd problem of ARCE hw…  oh yeah, planning to do the ARCE hw as soon as I’ve finished this entry here, haha… 

What’s missing?  yup, the night take-off… Well, I’m going to Ed’s place for dinner tonight, and probably some GT4 playing…  haha… but I shouldn’t have too much fun, coz my goal is to finish off all hw by tonight… and may God lead me to an efficient state to finish it up… oh, today’s my good buddy – Jeffrey’s birthday, just want to say “happy birthday” to him right here, hopefully he’ll see this some time, some day…

Especially thanks to my mom, Christy, Connie, Pearl for their individual supports and encouragement for me over the break….  I was touched, relieved from stress, and strengthened by your words.  I really really appreciate all these, and thank you very very much!  (Notice all supports came from the ladies….  umm.. where’s my men buddies…? It’s alright, totally understandable, 男人嘛… haha)


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