What should I say then??? Ai, totally bombed the quiz that I supposed I have fully prepared… Again, got nothing to blame at but my own “grass-filled” brain… Gettting myself so worried about the upcoming ARCE midterm on next Tuesday, I’m so not ready for it, especially that’s a lot more going on other than this little so-called “extended quiz”… 

Just can’t believe I have to get up @ 7:30am every day but gets to sleep after 1am every night…  I mean, for this whole week, man…  this non-stop craziness will end on next Tuesday (hopefully)

Totally went “bankrupt” today…  Paid US$70 for strain gages of my senior project, pushing up my total paid amount to be about US$150….   Who on earth would know the dept. office doesn’t take checks?  And who would know that an ATM card without expiration date expires?  Well, I have no other way but to borrow money from friends (more than one, haha, what a day!)  Besides, I just found out that my checking account has only $0.11, also I can’t access my saving account coz my ATM card got expired…  financial cut-off, man… Luckily, my credit cards still work…

Current state:  headache + tired + hungry/thirsty + annoying lab environment with big-mouths talking aloud (good for me that I have a little earphone…)

Current mood:   25% stressful + 40% disappointed + 20% discouraged + 5% helpless + 10% resentful @ my own stupidity

Ha, I know there may not be any ppl reading all this junk, but I guess here (this xanga site) is the only way I can freely express my feeling…  Geez, everyone is getting so busy in these days…  Who would have time to listen my little sharings?  That’s okay, God knows and understands…  (standard Christian response)  May God lead me to a more peaceful mental state…  no more 無聊 thinking, keep focus on my work!!!


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