Yup, tough week, indeed it is…  got back to S.F. on Sunday night (felt so excited but with burdens of left-behind schoolwork), then went up for KPFF interview @ 10:30am.  I thought I did okay for the most part, but often spoke not as “fluent” as normal due to the anxiety…  (in fact, I don’t speak fluent English most of the times, ha, just a little mock at myself…)  Well, out of my expectations , there was a little quiz at the end of the interview, which I totally blew it (all based on stupid mistakes)…  ai, it seems like I almost have no hope in getting this job, but I’m sure God will have the BEST plan for me… Anyway, I still feel bitter @ myself   + quite discouraged…

After 3.5 hrs driving along with a can of NOS (energy drink), I got back to S.L.O. @ 5pm with lots of snacks (almost all for my beloved brother, Tin Tin )   Then went back to school @ 6pm trying to finish up my ARCE hw… Man, I just can’t believe how confusing it is, I stayed @ lab until 1:30am and couldn’t got it done… Well, got nothing to blame at but my own “grass-filled” brain… ai…

On the other hand, a big thanks to Connie for preparing a delicious “to-go dinner” for me… well, I guess I owe her one… again. 

Thank God for waking me up @7:30am, or I’ll definitely be late to class @ 8am.  The quiz today has prosponed to Thurs, that means…  two more days for my “diligent” study for it… 

Oh yeah, my senior project (AKA fyp) got stuck a bit…  Supposed to have testing done by this week, but I have some sudden thoughts of worrying about data inadequacies… We’ll see how it goes by tomorrow’s meeting w/ my advisor (8am again, man…) then EDES term project – historical research @ downtown by 9am (be sure not to forget it)

Right now, I’m in the lab working on my CRP project…  due next week, better hurry and push myself to the “elasto-plastic state”, haha…. 


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