Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day…   but in fact, I like the rainning scenes though, which usually bring me some refreshments during the busiest days of my life…

Sigh, again, I’m back down to my gloomy mood/depressed state…  Probably it comes from my accumulated stress, but I don’t really understand myself sometimes… 

The so-called “STRESS LIST“, as follows:

Academics – daily schoolwork, senior project (aka fyp in H.K.), 2 other group projects, and the pressure for getting the best grades in every class

Career/Future – recent interviews, getting so worried of not getting into KPFF (and any others), repayment of loans

Family – parents’ anticipation on me, parents’ work and health balance, brother’s academic progress

Friends – recent emotional breakdown of my good housemate/friend, lack of “hang-outs” and communications with all my good old friends

Love – unclear friendship with ex-gf, healing process from the “no-turning-back” decisions, search for “the one” whom I can pour out my whole life in dedication to her happiness

Sigh…  How on earth am I supposed to deal with all these?  May God help me to get through all the worries…


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