Just got back to the lab from the Disaster/Risk Management Syposium…  that was for my substitute lecture for CRP 336 – Environmental Planning… oh, what a session!  I mean, that’s a total disaster for…  me!    It’s either I didn’t sleep enough last night (I was “put” to stay up till 1:30pm while I had 8am class this morning), or the session is too informative for me (oh yeah, lots of speakers with broad ranges of topic, to a point that I almost forgot about the session theme), or I just ate too much at lunch (thanks to my delicious packed lunch prepared by me)…     I felt asleep for about half the session, and I barely took any notes at all.  Well, at least I felt a lot better when I got out of the session, no more sleepiness  

On the other hand, I’m so worried about the midterm in this coming tuesday, and there’s so much reading that I have to catch up.  CRP group project, ai, I didn’t help out much for today’s submittal, I guess I have to get more involved soon or later…   EDES term project (50% of course grade) is getting along slowly, and man,  better get as much as done as possible since it’s due two weeks from now…  CM class, eh?  oh, almost forgot about there’s a presentation on next Mon.  should do some reading before the weekend comes…  major class, ARCE 483:  another matlab assignment just came up, probably I’ll spend at least half the weekend to figure out what to do with it…  And lastly (the most important one), my Senior Project is getting along well, since it has been put aside for quite some while.  There’s always something that I think I forgot to do, but I just can’t recall what that is.  Hopefully it’s not critical stuffs…   

I’m getting pretty stressful, that’s for sure…  it seems like everything starts to acculumate in putting me to the ultimate end (What would that be??? )…  sigh, need some air to breathe…


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